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...and make a pretty green bar!

A continuation of yesterday's post! Here is the new lime-basil and a couple of other essential oil soap. It's pretty, a very light marbled green, and smells so good. My natural gas bill has shot up because of all the shower time these days. I also have some whipped body butter made up now, just a bit to see how it sells. I have a plain cocoa butter that smells like chocolate and a mint cocoa just like the "Mint for You" soap bars. If there is interest in these, I will be adding to the collection.

The thing with this body butter is that a little goes a long, long ways. Depending on temperatures, your oils may melt and resolidfy. This does NOT damage the body butter or take away from any of its qualities, it will just be a little harder. When you first apply the body butter, it will often feel stiff and hard, but put it on your skin and it totally melts right in... then it seems like you might end up with greasy skin, but it doesn't do that, it is absorbed into your skin with zero oily residue. If you use it on your feet, be careful walking for a minute or too because it will make them a little slippery until it all soaks in.

I use the body butter on my face as well as everywhere else. I haven't had any breakouts or clogged pores. I will be posting the whipped body butter a little later on today.

In the meantime, here is a photo of the newest soap addition to our family!

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