Mini-Paintings (UV resin sealed)

Mini-Paintings (UV resin sealed)


Made from layers of UV resin panels, each piece is one of a kind (meaning no piece will ever be identical to another, but ideas, i.e. trees, will be re-used). With the paint sealed away, this artwork will remain the same until the end of time! The drop down selection is for what piece. Please leave a comment in the order screen IF you would like this piece to be made into wearable jewellery using one of the following options:

1)Brooch - simple pin style booch 

2)Pendent - Two styles are offered ~ (A)Eye-hook or (B)"gallery" {Gallery would mimic hanging a painting on a wire, attached at two points on the top of the art}

Or you can just say "None" and we will send just the mini-art, no fixtures.

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