Treasure your skin!  Don’t bury it in an endless cycle of harsh detergents--that shivers me timbers!  Haul out the mainsail and set your sights on the deck hands. It’s time to moisturize!  With lemongrass and turmeric, these “gold” bars are a treasure worth their weight in soap.  Swabbing the decks will never be the same again.


Ingredients:  Saponified oils:  olive, coconut, sweet almond oil, avocado and shea butter; lemongrass essential oil; and turmeric powder.  


This is a castile-style soap so it will always be a softer soap.  Remove from standing water after use for a longer lasting bar.  Unused soaps will keep indefinitely and the longer they cure before use, the harder and more long lasting the bar will become.  In the meantime, they will make your bathroom (or closet or nightstand) smell wonderful!


No artificial dyes or fragrances.  No preservatives.  100% vegan. All natural, handcrafted, cold process.  Just the soap and nothin' but the soap.