Port Protection Soap - Limited quantities - Scentless

Port Protection Soap - Limited quantities - Scentless

Another original soap from my Port Protection days.  This soap has everything that makes me think of the village:  Devil's club and  wild blueberries combined to make a beautiful and healthy soap with exfolliating power in the form of wild blueberry seeds and dried pulp.  Cedar, spikenard,, lavender, and clary sage create the mildest of clean scents imaginable (Scentless).  One of my favorite soaps. 


Ingredients:  Custom saponified oil blend that may include some or all of the following oils:  Sweet almond, olive, coconut, avocado, hemp, and shea/cocoa butter.  Essential oils:  Spikenard, cedar, lavender & clary sage.  Devil's club extract, wild Alaska blueberry seeds & dried pulp. 


This soap is a castile-style soap.  Keep out of standing water for a longer lasting soap bar.  


Each bar is a minimum of 6.5 ounces.  Just the soap and nothin' but the soap.