Smudge Suds Soap

Smudge Suds Soap

Bad vibes got you down? Does your skin sometimes feel like it's carrying some bad past choices around? Do you think you have a poltergeist in your pores? Be haunted no more with Smudge Suds - The Cleaner Cleanser! With a beautiful sagey smell (along with rosemary, lavender, myrrh) and a 100% coconut oil base, this bar will leave you feeling clean and refreshed and ghost free! Get the benefits of a sage smudge without have to clean the curtains! Get your bar today (before Zuul claims them all)!


Ingredients:  Saponified 100% coconut oil,  rosemary, lavender & myrrh essential oils; and indigo & spirulina.


Net wt. minimum of 6 ounces. 

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