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The Devil's Club

The Devil's Club


Take a walk on the wild side with this amazing devil's club infused soap... All the benefits and none of the pain associated with an encounter in the wild! Devil's club is revered by Alaska's indigenous people for its many health and spiritual benefits. I use it in my soap for the skin and hair benefits. Add some juniper berry, cypress, lavender, copaiba, a splash of vetiver essential oils and a heavy infusion of devil's club, and you end up with a luxurious bar that smells clean and fresh, leaving your skin soft and your hair shiny. Ingredients: saponified olive, avocado, coconut & hemp seed oils, and shea butter; devil's club; juniper berry, cypress, lavender, copaiba & patchouli essential oils; and green indigo, butterfly pea, activated charcoal and turmeric powders.

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