Active Bears don't worry about their furry faces because they know they look great! This (factual) knowledge gives bears a lot of extra free time! Bears are known for hunting, fishing and gathering.  They are also amazing corporate party planners, captains of their bowling teams and will help anybody move (bears generally drive pick-ups)!  They have time to do all of this because they don't need help keeping their fur looking great.  For the rest of us, there's Timbi's Alaskan Bear Balm!  Made from argan, jojoba, sweet almond and avocado oil, this balm will keep your face fur healthy and happy! Available in a variety of scents, limited only by the effectiveness and purpose of our available essential oils. Free up your active time by using Timbi's Alaskan Bear Balm!


Ingredients:  Candelilla wax, shea and mango butter, jojoba and argan oil.  Essential Oils:

Mystery, AK:  Australian sandalwood, coriander, lavender, patchouli, vetiver, & orange. 

No. 49:  Peppermint, tea tree, sage, lavender, cypress & lemon eucalyptus.  


Net weight 2 oz. 


Directions:  Warm with fingertips or blow dryer, rub a small amount of product on hands and apply to facial hair (not skin).  Style as usual.  

    Bear Butter
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