Tongass Forest Soap - Limited Quantities

Tongass Forest Soap - Limited Quantities

Made with self foraged Alaskan Devil's Club, Tongass Forest seemed the only name possible for this soap.  Who would have thought such a spiny plant would have so many beneficial properties.  Light earthy scents of cedar, lavender and clary sage bring the forest to your shower. 


Ingredients:  Custom saponified oil blend that may include some or all of the following oils:  Sweet almond, olive, coconut, avocado, hemp, and shea/cocoa butter.  Essential oils:  Cedar, lavender and clary sage.  Dried and liquid Devil's Club extract.   


This soap is a castile-style soap.  Keep out of standing water for a longer lasting soap bar.  


Each bar is a minimum of 6.5 ounces.  Just the soap and nothin' but the soap.