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Timbi's Alaskan Soaps & Sundries



At Timbi's Alaskan Soaps & Sundries our goal is to responsibly and ethically create beneficial and affordable, all-natural soaps & skin care products and make them available to everyone. We are committed to high standards of quality, use of natural, renewable ingredients, and to our responsibility to our customers and our planet.  


At Timbi's Alaskan Soaps & Sundries, our vision is to share information and eductation about the importance of natural products even in something so mundane as soap, something we all use, but also something that permeates our bodies with everything it contains. We envision ourselves continuing to make exceptional products, helping people become more comfortable in their own skin, helping our planet by responsible product manufacturing, and living up to our promises. 



Hi everyone! I was born and raised in the Mat-Su Valley, part of a large family with seven kids, who homesteaded there in the 1950's. I've had so many adventures throughout my journey in this amazing and beautiful state, including my dozen years in Port Protection, where I learned a lot about self sufficiency,and where some of you first knew me from the National Geographic television show of the same name. Along the way I've learned to make some pretty wonderful soaps that have been beneficial to my extremely dry skin. I started making soap in 2010 for my family and friends. I've been lucky enough to have quite a few human test subjects with a variety of skin types who now request to be "testers", their feedback has been invaluable and helps me be better at what I do. I don't use artificial coloring or fragrances, parabens or other synthetics, and use essential oils and natural additives that have a purpose, like blueberries, devil's club, fireweed, pink Himalayan salt, charcoal, turmeric, and cayenne-some of these are wonderful and tingly, exciting even! I still love to go adventuring into the great outdoors as often as I can, it is who I am , but, it's always nice to be able to wash it off afterward. There's nothing better than a simple hot shower and an amazing bar of soap that washes away the grime of the outdoors after a long day, but still lets the memory of the outdoors linger...seriously healthy skin is an even better, longer lasting result! Happy bubbles and lots of lather to you all! Love you! Timbi

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