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AK's Royalty Bar

AK's Royalty Bar

The youngest member of our family has produced one of the best bars to ever come out of our kitchen! A.K.’s Royalty Bar started out as a request to make soap for a crafts fair, along with a few other products. After careful consideration, and a lot of smelling, our littlest came up with a scent that made us all go “WOW!”. She designed the scent, how she wanted to add the colors she picked, and even helped with the safer parts of making her soap! Her ideas for the soap, what she wanted it to do (I want it to help peoples skin feel better AND make them feel fancy…like a Queen!) made an absolutely exceptional bar. AK’s Royalty Bar is a floral/citrus/sweet wood scent, truly elegant. The gentle jasmine plays beautifully with the soft scent of sandalwood and sweet tangerine, bolstered by the coy sharpness of bergamot and coriander. This 100% coconut bar is wonderfully marbled with blue spirulina and alkanet powders to produce a striking purple/blue coloration!


100% Coconut oil bar, Bergamot, Jasmine, Coriander, Sandalwood, Tangerine essential oils. Spirulina (Blue) and Alkanet plant powders. 

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