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Alaskan Nites

Alaskan Nites

Summer time in Alaska means light. Sunrises and sunsets are only distinguishable by what part of the sky the sun is in. The sky dances with colors when the sun is low, and that dance will last all night. Alaskan Nites is a bright blend of grapefruit, black pepper, bergamot, and copiaba. This scent mimics the beauty of our bright nights. Sweet but tolerable, spicy but comforting, this bar will relax and excite you (if that seems contradictory, remember we are the land of the Midnight Sun). Like our summers, these bars will go fast. Get a bar before the light fades (for 8 months).Scent profile: Warm citrusIngredients: SaponIfied 100% coconut oil; grapefruit, black pepper, bergamot, copiaba essential oils; tumeric and rose madder root powders.
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