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Alaskan Zephyr

Alaskan Zephyr

Ever wonder what it would be like to clean yourself with a warm summer breeze? Well here's a soap bar that imitates it well. Introducing the Zephyr bar! Full of scents that will bring a warm summer breeze to your mind. A beautifully bright bar with scent notes of vegetation, flowers, and the wild in bloom that seem as if they were carried to you on a summer zephyr! This bar also includes blue and green spirulina for extra skin nourishing action!


Ingredients: Saponified avocado, olive, coconut, hemp seed oils, and kokum butter, coconut milk, coriander, basil, peppermint, geranium, vetiver and dark patchouli essential oils, and blue & green spirulina.


Get your bar before they all blow away!

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