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My most amazing discovery of 2020.  The power of Apple Cider Vinegar when used as a conditioner.  Leaves my hair soft and smooth.  It looks and feels healthy.  I lose less hair, I have less breakage, I have fewer tangles and snarls.  I will never go back to using commercial conditioner.  Supplement, or use in tandem with, Timbi's Condintioning Nuggets as needed.  Your hair will be pleased. 

Directions:  Fill spray bottle with water (tap or distilled) and shake to thoroughly mix powdered ingredients.  Shampoo hair with your favorite shampoo bar (all of Timbi's Soaps make excellent shampoo bars).  Rinse.  Spray hair well with ACV Rinse.  Use fingertips to work through hair and onto scalp.  Rinse.  You can use the ACV Rinse instead of conditioner.  If your hair is very dry or very curly, you may want to supplement the ACV Rinse with Timbi's Conditioning Nuggets intermittently or regularly.  


Ingredients:  Powdered apple cider vinegar and essential oils. 


Net Weight (after addition of water) 3.4 ounces.

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