The Brooks Mountain Range spans over 600 miles, the largest in the Arctic Circle! Mountains are everywhere in Alaska. It's generally the landscape feature missed most by Alaskans who are away from home. Just as plentiful and "Alaskan" as mountains, but not missed by anyone, is the second state bird of Alaska...the mosquito. From the tundra to the peaks, mosquitos are a fact of life, and it's not a fact everyone wants to deal with. By using a blend of Lemon Eyculyptus, Clary Sage, Tea Tree, Camphor and Peppermint essential oils, we've developed a bar to help keep the bugs away, and to treat bites from the more tenacious ones. Every ingredient in the Brooks Range bar is meant to give you some relief, both from the pests buzzing in your ears and the ones who have made their mark. While we don't guarantee 600 miles of protection, these bars can be carried dry and hung from your pack to provide a bubble of safety from a number of flying pests. It can be used as a spot treatment while wet. It can be left next to you when you sleep (no waking up to buzzing)! And if you aren't the outdoorsy type, this bar even keeps flies and other multi-limbed house pests away! Get a feel of freedom (from pests) in the outdoors with the Brooks Range bar!


Ingredients:  100% saponified coconut oil; lemon eucalyptus, camphor, tea tree, clary sage & peppermint essential oils; devils club extract; and, alkanet powder.  


All bars weigh a minimum of 6.75 ounces!


For longest lasting bar, keep out of standing water.