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Conditioning Nuggets - Rosemary & Tea Tree

Conditioning Nuggets - Rosemary & Tea Tree

Alaska has many types of nuggets. Gold, fish, and moose to name a few. And while you can find use for all of these listed nuggets, none of them help your hair. These little nuggets are made specifically with hair in mind! Short or long, new or not, if you need conditioner, these nuggets are for you! Made with Tea Tree and Rosemary (both have been shown to invigorate and restore hair), your hair will have all the moisture and health of an Alaskan glacier without it acting like one (slow moving and scratchy)! Pair with any of our standard bars (which can be used as a shampoo as well) for a truly refreshing and nourishing clean!
Ingredients:  Proprietary blend of butters and oils including shea; rosemary & tea tree essential oil; devil's club; and rice protein powder.  There are no preservatives in these nuggets; that's why we make them so small, so keep in a dry, cool spot and use sparingly!  Sold as a 3-pack with each nugget weighing approximately 0.75oz
Directions:  Wash hair; rub conditioning nugget on hands until lightly coated.  Starting about ear level, smooth onto hair to the ends.  Work into hair upwards from ends.  It takes a little while to get used to conditioners without waxes or polymers, so your hair may feel dry and tangled at first, but be careful not to overdo... trust me, I had to shampoo 4 times to remove all the excess I used in the beginning!
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