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Saving Face Shave Soap PUCK

Saving Face Shave Soap PUCK

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, this much is true. But Wuzzy doesn’t always want to be fuzzy. And while Wuzzy is best known for being fuzzy, all over the place; Wuzzy is soft and supple, from his head to his tail, because Wuzzy uses Timbi’s Saving Face.


Made with saponified oils of castor and coconut, smooth and silky cocoa butter, a mixture of stout soy and buzzy bee’s wax, and scented with the fresh cut woodiness of juniper, cedar, black pepper, and clove leaf essential oils. Timbi’s Saving Face will give you a smooth shave, hydrate your skin, and make sure your fuzzies stay where you want them, just like Wuzzy.


Each puck is 3.0+ ounces


INSTRUCTIONS: Wet your shaving brush thoroughly with hot water. Shake (the brush) to remove excess water (as much as you can. Don’t injure your wrists or the wrists of your loved ones. Also, hold on to the brush tightly, it wants to escape). Rub brush on shaving puck in clockwise, or counterclockwise motion, until you see a slight lather begin to build up on brush. The goal here is to get the bristles saturated with the shaving soap if you hadn’t guessed that by now. Take your shaving bowl, and drop a few droplets of water into it, then take your brush and whip it (whip it good) along the inside of the bowl in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction (the opposite of what ever direction you did on the puck, it keeps the soap confused and gets maximum lather). This soap doesn’t lather like other foaming soaps, but the coverage is easy to see so you don’t miss any spots. Clean rinsing, fresh smelling, skin softening. Timbi’s Saving Face.


Ingredients:  Saponified castor and coconut oils, cocoa butter; bees/soy wax; black pepper, juniper berry, clove leaf & cedarwood essential oils. 


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