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Dusk Til Dawn Facial Mask

Dusk Til Dawn Facial Mask

Good evening... Or, at least, it will be. Dusk Til Dawn is an overnight facial serum meant to capture the radiance and allure of the midnight hours without having to make a pact, deal, or bargain with otherworldly beings. Apply before you lay yourself down to sleep, and healthy skin you will keep. It will work before you wake, and your wrinkles it will take.


A potion of youth crafted from ingredients from every corner of the world, and some unseen nooks and questionable crannies: The brow sweat of a Siren (sea buckthorn). The tears of a desert forest (argon oil). The happy feeling of being a shrub (jojoba oil). A bunny's love (carrot oil). The feeling of feeling like royalty (rose hip oil). Liquid sunshine OR a parcel of "Friday Vibes" (bitter almond oil). And for some added pizzazz, frankincense and lavender essential oils. Don't make a faustian bargain with Mephistopheles for "eternal" youth, he probably uses all kinds of carcinogens and fragrance oils and souls of the damned. Instead, purchase "Dusk Til Dawn" at Timbi's Alaskan Soaps & Sundries, with money and not your eternal soul. 


Ingredients: Jojoba oil, bitter almond oil, rosehip oil, baobab oil, carrot seed oil, marula oil, castor oil, sea buckthorn oil, and argan oil; lavender and frankincense essential oils.


Net weight: 1 oz with dropper. 


Directions: Place several drops of Dusk Till Dawn on your palm and rub hands together for a few seconds. Apply to clean face and neck before bed. For dry skin, you can follow up with your favorite moisturizer. In the morning, wash face and apply moisturizer as per your routine.


Always test new products by applying a small amount of inner wrist or elbow. Monitor for 12-24 hours.

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