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Have you ever heard the phrase "you gotta smell this"? This bar gives the answer of "No" every time. Designed for filthy paws (muddy mitts, dirty digits and grimy grabbers as well), this "scentless" bar removes grime AND smell! Laden with coffee and coffee grounds (the ultimate palate cleanser) with VERY subtle notes of lemon and vetiver essential oils, this bar will keep your hands soft and smell free! So if you fish, hunt, collect garbage, play patty cake with skunks or just dislike having stinky hands, get yourself a Fisher's Friend Bar today!


WARNING: The exfoliant material in this bar  is VERY stiff. Dried coffee gounds absorb any liquid they are near, the grounds are set very stiffly in this bar. It is not reccommended to use this bar on areas of softer skin. 


Ingredients: Saponified olive, coconut, avocado oil; Vetiver and lemon essential oils; brewed coffee and coffee grounds.


This is meant to be a scent remover bar for HANDS ONLY. The exfoliant is very rough and may scratch softer areas of skin.

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