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"I love it when you call me Big Bubble"

"I love it when you call me Big Bubble"

SKU: Necklace - Big Bubble

Handmade UV resin pendent and "bubbles".


The soap bar is modled after "Some Kinda Wonderful" with rose madder powder

The back bubble is a UV resin disk, with a special fill for "bubble: color effect

The "top" bubble is a marble that has a shrink wrap over the the top to create the "bubble" color effect, and affixed with UV resin.


Strung on a thick fabric cord (appox 11" opening, hangs above sternum" with fixed ends (no clasp), attached on heavy duty eyehook and jump ring. 


"Clasps" can be changed upon request (prior to shipment) if an actual clasps is preferred. Currently on closed loop with jump ring attachment for back. 

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