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IDITAROD BAR - Limited quantities

IDITAROD BAR - Limited quantities


The Iditarod Bar! The newest in our Alaskan Collection, this bar brings a lot of memories with it. I have had many friends and family participate in this race, and at one point my second oldest brother and two of his sons ran it the same year! Mushers often bring a special concoction with them on the trail. I know it as 'Mushers Mix' or 'Russian Tea'. This bar is made with that particular drink in mind. While I don't use Tang in my soap, the combination of cinnamon, clove and orange will warm your body and make you feel as if you could single-handedly run the entire 1000 mile race. Make Balto and Togo proud! Get your bar today!


Ingredients: Custom saponified oil blend: Olive, coconut, avocado, and shea butter; orange, cinnamon, & clove essential oils, and ; Devil's Club; & cinnamon powder.

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