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In my shower, hot and steamy Scrubbing while I ponder theories, realizing that my skin feels kinda raw and sore I hear a voice, softly saying, and then quickly a mule like braying Coming from a Raven perched upon my bathroom door My loofah's scratching, the Raven keeps yapping… I finally understand what it implores The words make sense, “LATHER-MORE!" Ingredients: Saponified 100% coconut oil; cedar, frankincense & clove essential oils; activated charcoal. This is a castile-style soap so it will always be a softer soap. Remove from standing water after use for a longer lasting bar. Unused soaps will keep indefinitely and the longer they cure before use, the harder and more long lasting the bar will become. In the meantime, they will make your bathroom (or closet or nightstand) smell wonderful!


Ingredients:  Saponified coconut oil; cedarwood, clove, and frankincense; and activated charcoal powder. 

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