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Midnight Sons

Midnight Sons

Timbi has a bevy of kids that she didn't make. She loves ALL of her kids, regardless of where they come from. Three of her "sons" put their heads together and decided to try and capture "campfire" smells. Old leather, clean smoke and fresh cut trees, these scents all come from one, masterfully designed soap bar, made by Timbi's "Midnight Sons". Black pepper, juniper berry, cedar, clove leaf, and pine tar come together to make THAT smell. That warm smell of an old saddle, or a quiet library, or a waning fire on a nice summer's evening. A smell of comforting nostalgia combined with truly powerful benefits, this bar is a must have!Scent profile: Warm Nostalgia (old leather and fresh wood)Ingredients: Saponified "Amalga-Oil" (Coconut, olive, avocado oils); Mango seed butter; Black pepper, juniper berry, cedar, clove leaf; Pine Tar; Activated charcoal powder.
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