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Murphys Soap

Murphys Soap


You ever have one of those days? The kind that people write books about to explain that "sometimes, IT happens"? This bar is a product of one of those days. We wanted to make a bar for a specific person who has very particular ideas about their soap. So we start by selecting the oil for the base (we went with our Amalga-Oil blend), and as we start measuring, we found out that we didn't have enough oil. No big deal, we know where to find more. After we go get the oil, we start our timed processes (lye solution, tempurature regulation) and find out we miscounted our lye now we have to rush to get more before everything gets too cold. No problem, we can handle the pressure. We get our lye, start the heating and begin to measure our essential oils....guess what we were missing. We had the bottles, but just the bottles. So now we scramble, tea tree and what else....the person we are designing this for has a particular scent they like, thankfully we remember he also likes "minty" scents. Phew! Just enough tea tree and eucalyptus to make this bar...and was that Orange I put into the tea tree, why did I put orange into the tea tree!? So even after Murphy trying its hardest, we still made a great bar of soap. Tea tree and Eucalyptus makes this bar smell fresh and clean. We've added hemp and jojoba oils, based on a popular and well known recipe, this bar will leave a light coating of helpful oils to keep you moisturized and feeling clean all day long. And if you have any problems trying to get one, just ignore Murphy and keep pushing on. Scent profile: Fresh mild mint (Herbacious menthol) Ingredients: Saponified "Amalga-Oil" (Coconut, olive, avocado + hemp and jojoba oil); tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils

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