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Rock the Cas-Bar

Rock the Cas-Bar

By order of their profits

They tried to hide the soap

Detergents for the people

Making sure they buy them all

But Timbi went and made up

A truly special batch

A soap for every body

For their shower or their bath

And when the people started washing their hair

The bubbles started flying every where!

You're really gonna like it!

Rock the Cas-Bar

Rock the Car-Bar

You really will like it (it's a real soap bar!)

Rock the Cas-Bar

Rock the Car-Bar!


ATTENTION: This is a Spa style bar. To maximize the life of these bars, do not leave them in standing water and let them "dry" between uses (you can leave it in your shower though).


Ingredients: Saponified avocado, coconut, olive, argan oils; yellow shea butter; black pepper, Jasmine, clove, cardamom, ginger, frankincense, myrrh essential oils;  and crushed saffron.

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