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That 70's Bar

That 70's Bar


During the 60's, scents were basic. Musks and patchoulis and overbearing floral were the options available...then the 70's showed up and brought something new. Something that had a fresh green, almost herbal, scent. Something that captures the Essence of clean and refreshing. And while, for various copyright reasons, we can't use the name of the product (let's call it Vegetal Effusion), we can say that we have captured the essence of herbal...stuff. Introducing THAT 70'S BAR - A beautiful blend of mugwort, pine needle, jasmine, vetiver, with a dash of blue spruce all inside a beautiful soap bar colored an emerald green with green and blue spirulina powder. Bold and fresh, with a great melding of bright sharp notes, rounded with sweeter, muskier tones, this is the scent of a generation! Get yours before we get a C&D. WARNING: That 70's Bar may cause old memories to surface (or maybe not, it was the 70's). If you aren't from the 70's and experience memories of the 70's when using That 70's Bar...well...that's trippy, man. 


Ingredients: Olive, coconut, hemp seed & avocado oils, mango butter, Mugwort, pine needle, jasmine, blue spruce, & vetiver essential oils, green & blue spirulina. 



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