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Timbi's Super-Duper Body Better

Timbi's Super-Duper Body Better


Crimes against skin!  Need a hero?  Timbi's Super-Duper Body Better to the rescue!  This body butter is loaded with all the super hero butters and oils needed to combat and conquer dry heels and elbows, chapped over-washed hands and other super-dry skin problems.  Reinforce your skin's natural crime fighting barrier with preventive, protective Super-Duper Body Better. 


Ingredients:  Kokum and shea butter, coconut, olive and avocado oils; essential oils. 

Alaskan Fantasy essential oils:  Sandalwood, vanilla, lime, coriander & jasmine.

Rock the Cas-Bar essential oils:  Black pepper, cloves, ginger, jasmine, frankincense & myrrh. 


Net weight 3.5 oz.  Keep in a cool, dry area. 


    $20.00 Regular Price
    $16.00Sale Price
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