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Day 1 of website

Setting up the new website involved looking at some old photos, of course. This was taken in Port Protection right after the greenhouse was completed. Wow! So much work went into the barn and the greenhouse. It seems like construction was just a mind-numbing, body-killing endeavor out there. Everything has to be shipped and then trundled up the boardwalk and since we lived about as far away from the dock as you could get, nothing was ever easy. We accomplished a lot. I learned a lot. I have so many good memories of Port Protection and I'm grateful that I did get to experience the end of an era out there... Impromptu dock parties with live music, potlucks and pingpong parties at the community building, foggy mornings and the sound of boat horns warning their way through the nearby ocean, every day feeling like Saturday and the feeling of finally being home. I miss that place, but I'm so happy right here, right now.

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I love what you said,,,,memories ❤️

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