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You put the lime in the coconut...

I had a request for a lime-basil soap a while back and I've been promising myself I'd get around to it since then. I finally got a "round-tuit" today! I added a little bit of vetiver to enhance the lime, that stuff seems to kick citrus into high gear, and a little bit of spirulina for color and added it all to a 100% coconut oil soap at trace (when the soap starts to thicken to a pudding consistency). It looks pretty yummy and smells like it would pair with a margarita very well. Here's a photo of the soap mixture shortly after it was poured into the mould. It's going through the "gel" phase and it's interesting to watch the color change from a dark green to a lighter almost pastel green. So, after all that, one could say I DID "put the lime in the coconut." (Haha, I crack myself up.)

We took a hike to this little lake yesterday, not too far from the house. Lots of little trees dropped by beavers. This lake is notorious for a big mean beaver that will attack your dog... yikes! We went between the pretty much back-to-back rain storms we've been having for a few weeks and it was nice to get outside. Temperature has dropped into the 50s and leaves are turning. Fall is definitely in the air! Gonna be starting on some appropriate soaps for the season. Let me know if there are any special requests!

Here's the soap!

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